¿Cómo distinguir una ginebra buena de una mala?

Diference between a good gin & a bad one?

Until 10 years ago the supply of gins was quite limited, there were traditional brands and that's it, but with the arrival of avant-garde gins that increased the demand for this distillate, the supply grew exponentially. < / p>

This increase in the variety of gins resulted in users wanting to know, rightly, what distinguishes a Premium gin from a normal.

In this article we will talk about the differences so that you know how to distinguish between spirits and choose the highest quality gin.

  1. The ingredients of Premium gins.

These gins are characterized by their mixture of botanicals, with which they seek a certain aromatic profile and more complex flavors. The botanical par excellence of gin is juniper and it is irreplaceable, but in recent years other ingredients have been added.

The difference it is in the quality of these ingredients. The highest quality gins are macerated with natural botanicals.

  1. The distillation of gin. < / li>

The gin is distilled, it is a process in which by selective boiling and condensation the compounds of some liquid are separated. The main difference is that a Premium gin will have a higher number of distillations than regular gin.

  1. The design of its packaging.

This may seem banal and merely aesthetic, but the quality of the packaging speaks volumes about the quality of the liquid inside.

  1. Presence at the cocktail party.

One way to know the quality of the gin is a cocktail. The gin must be the star of the cocktail, if we lose its flavor this means that it is not of such good quality.

  1. The geography of botanists.

A good gin uses local botanicals and it is possible to perceive them when testing it. Similarly, these must be 100% natural and of excellent quality to achieve a good gin.

At the end of the road, the most important thing when choosing a gin is that it meets the flavor profile we are looking for and uses quality ingredients and processes. It's all about the flavor.

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Natanael Leon on

Perdon por ser tan incisitente en mis preguntas, pero quien les dijo que los ingredientes , o más bien la cantidad de ellos definen a un gin premium del resto ?? , si bien es cierto la complejidad de aromas encontrados en un gin, se define por la calidad y cantidad de los mismos , también es cierto que podemos encontrar buenos ginebras con muy pocos ingredientes en su composición, para lo cual es necesario conocer bien la historia de los ginebras, empezando con los genever’s, que si bien solo es es un destilado de alcohol puro aromatizado con enebro ,hasta su paso a la conversión de london dry gin, y desde luego su expansión mundial como gin’s internacionales,entonces porque clasificar un gin como bueno o malo cuando solo se desconoce sus fundamentos,composición e historia?

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