Mexican Crat Gin

Mexican Crat Gin

Perro Desterrado (exiled dog) is a Mexican gin in honor of exiles who have migrated to new frontiers, due to economic, ideological, social or violence problems, or simply in search of a better future.

  • Botanicals from Mexico’s ancestral flavors, such as avocado leaf, marigold flower, mint, lime, and others that give it a unique profile when combined with juniper and coriander seed.


  • A gluten-free corn alcohol distilled five times that is the perfect canvas to highlight our flavors. 

  • After maceration of the ingredients, we distill it a sixth time to achieve our drink.

  • Our mission is simple: to energize Jalpa’s economy using the hands and spirit of the region that makes this gin to prevent the exile of its people. 





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