Mezcal Cuishe and Artisan Wild Espadín from Oaxaca Tribal

Mezcal Cuishe and Artisan Wild Espadín from Oaxaca Tribal

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From the region of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca This ensemble made with artisanal mezcal of cuishe agave and espadin has the flavors of Oaxaca.


Maturation Time: Espadín Agave 8 9 years, Cuishe agave 12 yearss

Cooking: Conical stone furnace

Grinding: Stone mill resulting in a smoky flavor

Fermentation: With fiber in Sabino tubs

Distillation: Double distillation in copper alembic

Region: Miahuatlan District, Oaxaca

Mezcalero Master: José Diaz and Cipriano Hernandez

Alcoholic grade: 46%

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CATA's notes


This mezcal smells of Oaxaca with a very open aromatic aroma with marked agave aroma and well-defined herbal notes. Close with slightly floral notes such as bougainvillea and subtle smoky and mineral tones.


The first sensation is of freshness, balanced in its sweetness and bitterness, leaving its citrus, mineral and smoky personality in the mouth.
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