Mezcal Tobalá Madrecuishe and Espadin Tribal Ensamble 103

Mezcal Tobalá Madrecuishe and Espadin Tribal Ensamble 103

$ 890.00

From the region ofMiahuatlan, Oaxaca This multi-medal award-winning ensemble is made with artisanal mezcal made from tobalá madrecusihe agave and espadin.


Maturation Time: Agave Espadín 8 9 years old, Madrecuishe agave 12 years old, Tobalá 12 years olds

Cooking: Conical stone furnace

Grinding: Stone mill resulting in a smoky flavor

Fermentation: With fiber in Sabino tubs

Distillation: Double distillation in copper alembic

Region: Miahuatlan District, Oaxaca

Mezcalero Master: José Diaz and Cipriano Hernandez

Alcoholic grade: 46%

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The aroma of this mezcal also outlines some fragrant nuances of herbs and vegetables such as grapefruit, orange peel, pineapple, thyme, and jicama.

Following its aroma, the smoke of this mezcal balances its fragrant body. The balanced flavors of each agave appear in each sip and evolve with your palette.
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