Raicilla Barranca de Jalpa 500ml 45% AV

Raicilla Barranca de Jalpa 500ml 45% AV

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Raicilla Barranca de Jalpa

This Artisan distillate is produced in the town of Jalpa Jalisco with the Lechugilla Maximiliana agave, it is one of the very few roots that are made in a conical stone oven, known as Barranca wine, this distillate has more than 100 years of history.a.

Master Distiller: Anita Villalvazo and Roberto Robles Villalvazo

Agave: Maximiliana

Root cooking: Conical Stone Oven that results in the smoked flavors in this distillate.

Grinding: Machine shredded.

Fermentation: natural with fiber in tubs.

Distillation: double in alembic heated with wood

Maturation: 3 years in glass

Location: Jalpa, Jalisco

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